09 October 2009

CNY17 CNY17-1 CNY17-2 CNY17-3 CNY17-4 CNY17F-1 CNY17F-2 CNY17F-3 CNY17F-4 Phototransistor Optocouplers

CNY17-1/2/3/4 and CNY17F-1/2/3/4 are also available in white package by specifying M suffix (eg. CNY17-F2M)

- UL recognized (File # E90700)
- VDE recognized:
- Add option V for white package (e.g., CNY17F-2VM)
- File #102497 Add option 300 for black package (e.g., CNY17F-2300)
- File #94766 Current transfer ratio in select groups.
- High BVceo-70V minimum (CNY17X/MCNY17FX/M, MOC8106/7/8)
- Closely matched current transfer ratio(CTR) minimizes unitto-unit variation.
- Very low coupled capacitance alongwith no chip to pin 6 base connection for minimum noise susceptability (CNY17FX/M, MOC810X).

-Power supply regulators
-Digital logic inputs
-Microprocessor inputs
-Appliance sensor systems
-Industrial controls

The CNY17, CNY17F and MOC810X devices consist of a Gallium Arsenide IRED coupled with an NPN photo transistorin a dual in-line package.