13 September 2011

Motor Scanner


- MotoScan is researched and manufactured by DTDAuto Technology Team, Institute of Physics, Hanoi, Vietnam in 2011. It can be read fault codes, lookup content of fault codes, repair suggesting of engine, sensors, actuators, electronic fuel injection, ECU and ignition of the new motorcycles

- Model MTH01 has supported only Honda manufacturer. Other manufacturers such as SYM, YAMAHA, PIAGO, SUZUKI ... will be continue to updated in future versions next
- Currently, we are developing software on the computer. The software will support repairer in a concrete and detailed for each type of motorcycle with faults that found from this tool.


MotoScan able to read fault codes, lookup content of fault codes, repair suggesting all motorcycles of Honda manufacturer has used electronic control system, such as the car:


- Tool repair in motorcycle shop and training equipment for motorcycle technical training
- A semi-finished product connect to Trainer for electronic fuel injection of motorcycles
- Equipment check safety of motorcycle when it is running on the road


- A new safety solution, no need wiring with vehicle, simple to use
- Handheld tool has integrate compact, high strength mechanics
- Simple to use with integrated LCD screen
- Efficiency, accuracy, reliability
- Low price
- Compatible for all Honda motorcycles in the world
- Free database updates and new versions of software
- Counseling, good technical support directly from manufacturer
- 24-month warranty and maintenance as required


- 01 handset with LCD display
- 02 power and signal cables
- 01 software CD for repair technical reference
- 01 guide book
- 01 cloth handbag