02 April 2012

Toyota EFI Scan 2012

- Read faults, give repair suggestions for engine and ABS such as: sensor systems, actuator, ECU, electronic fuel injection (EFI), ignition, automatic transmission (AT), Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
- Better support for diesel vehicle
- Support for reset ECU, erase fault codes have been stored in Engine, ABS
- Support for reset period maintenance (MAINT)
- Look up fault codes
- Update the fault codes up to 2011
- Free and automatically updated the newest version (Auto live update function from version 1.5).

APPLICATION:- EFI Scan is used to determine faults in the engine system and ABS for Toyota and Lexus vehicles which are compliant with the special standard OBD-I, MOBD (especially used for Toyota models which have 16-pin connector like OBD-II but not work with OBD-II Scantool, updated to 2011)

- Engines type: 15BT, 1AZ-XX, 1CD-FTV, 1E, 1FZ-FE, 1GR-FE, 1HD-XX, 1HZ, 1KD-FTV, 1KZ-XX, 1MZ-FE, 1RZ, 1SZ-FE, 1TR-FE, 1WZ, 1ZZ-FE, 2AD-TRB, 2AZ-FE, 2C-XX, 2E-XX, 2GR-FE, 2JZ-XX, 2KD-FTV, 2L-XX, 2RZ-XX, 2TR-FE, 2TZ-XX, 2UZ-FE, 2VZ-FE, 2S-E, 2ZZ-XX, 3C-TE, 3L, 3E-XX, 3MZ-FE, 3RZ-FE, 3S-XX, 3VZ-XX, 3ZZ-FE, 4A-XX, 4E-FE, 4ZZ-FE, 5E-FE, 5K, 5S-FE, 5VZ-FE, 7A-FE, 7M-XX, 22R-XX...

- Models type: Avensis, Avalon, Camry, Carina, Corolla, Crown, Corolla, Celica, Cressida, Dyna, Zace, Altis, Innova, Sienta, Supra, Harrier, Prado, Previa, Picnic/Sports Van, Land Cruiser, Hilux, Hiace, Fortuner, Rav4, Yaris, Starlet, Supra, Paseo, LiteAce, 4-Runner, Tacoma, Tercel, MR-II,... and all other models.

List of cars (update 2012):
15B-FT (Dyna)
1AZ-FE (Avensis, Camry, Rav4)
1AZ-FSE (Avensis)
1CD-FTV Avensis, Corolla, Previa, Rav4)
1E (Starlet)
1FZ-FE (Landcruiser)
1GR-FE (Landcruiser Prado)
1HD-FT (Landcruiser)
1HD-FTE (Landcruiser Amazon)
1HD-T (Landcruiser)
1HZ (Landcruiser)
1KD-FTV (Landcruiser Colorado/Prado, Hi-Lux)
1KZ-T (4-Runner, Lancdruiser)
1KZ-TE (Landcruiser Colorado/Prado, Hi-Lux)
1MZ-FE (Camry, Avalon)
1RZ (Hi-Ace)
1SZ-FE (Yaris)
1TR-FE (Hi-Ace, Innova)
1WZ (Corolla)
1ZZ-FE (Avensis, Corolla, Celica, MR2, Rav4)

2AD-TRB (Paseo)
2AZ-FE (Camry, Previa)
2C (Carina, Corolla, Lite-Ace)
2C-E (Corolla)
2C-T (Camry, Carina E)
2C-TE (Avensis)
2E (Corolla, Starlet)
2E-E (Corolla, Starlet)
2GR-FE (Avalon, Camry)
2JZ-GE (Supra)
2JZ-GTE (Supra)
2KD-FTV (Dyna, Hi-Ace, Hi-Lux, Fortuner)
2L (Dyna, Hi-Ace, Hi-Lux)
2L-T (4-Runner, Hi-Ace, Hi-Lux, Landcruiser)
2RZ-E (Hi-Ace)
2RZ-FE (Hi-Lux)
2TR-FE (Tacoma)
2TZ-FE (Previa)
2TZ-FZE (Previa)
2UZ-FE (Landcruiser Amazon)
2VZ-FE (Camry)
2S-E (Camry)

2ZZ-FE (Celica, Corolla)
2ZZ-GE (Celica, Corolla)

3C-TE (Picnic/Sports Van)
3L (Dyna)
3E (Tercel)
3E-E (Tercel)
3MZ-FE (Camry)
3RZ-FE (Hi-Ace, Hi-Lux, Landcruiser Prado)
3S-FE (Avensis, Camry, Carina E, Carina II, Corolla, MR-II, Picnic, RAV4)
3S-GE (Carina E, Celica, Corolla, MR2)
3S-GTE (Celica)
3VZ-E (4-Runner)
3VZ-FE (Camry)
3ZZ-FE (Avensis, Corolla Verso/CombiVan)

4A-F (Carina II, Corolla)
4A-FE (Avensis, Carina E, Carina II, Celica, Corolla)
4A-GE (Corolla, MR2)
4E-FE (Corolla, Starlet)
4ZZ-FE (Corolla)

5E-FE (Paseo)
5K (Lite-Ace)
5S-FE (Camry, Corolla)
5VZ-FE (Landcruiser Colorado/Parado, Tacoma, T100)

7A-FE (Avensis, Carina E, Celica. Corolla, Zace)
7M-GE (Supra, Cressida)
7M-GTE (Supra)

22R (Pickup)
22R-E (Pickup)
22R-TE (Pickup)

- New, efficient, accurate and reliable solution
- Low price
- Language: English or Vietnamese
- Compatible with vehicles on the markets of ASIA, AFRICA, EU, US...
- Simple to use
- Update databases and upgrade new software versions for free
- Direct consultation and technical support
- 24 month warranty, service on demand

- 1pc electronic signal converter
- 1pc CD of the latest version of EFI Scan software
- 1pc COM cable (to connect PC to vehicles)
- 1pc USB/COM cable (to connect PC to vehicles)
- 1pc guide book

- Operation System: Win XP, Win 7
- Processor: 586 MHz or higher
- RAM: 32 MB or higher
- Screen resolution: 800 by 600 pixels or higher
- COM port or USB port